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Do you know the difference between these?  Self worth is how you feel about your innermost self, the value you place on your life. Self -esteem is the confidence  you have about your competence and achievements in the world.  Self-knowledge includes knowledge of your own character, values, abilities and emotions. Social-self is based on the perspective that the self emerges from social interactions, such as observing and interacting with others. All these areas need to line up for you to have an enriching, exciting, rewarding and meaningful life.

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Having low self-confidence makes it hard to try new things or reach for new challenges. Anxiety is a natural result that holds you back, clinging to the familiar things you do have confidence about, like a job, relationship or living situation, for example. Low self-worth undermines what you are willing to do for yourself. Are you worthy of another person’s attention and love? Are you deserving of receiving good things? Do you have enough to offer other people so that they might value you? Having low self-worth prevents you from believing in yourself and from claiming what is yours. When you have low self-esteem you walk through the world in a one-down position. You operate from a place of, “I’m not good enough.” Everything that happens in your life is filtered through that deeply held notion, even though it is definitely not true. Low self-knowledge makes it hard to make good choices for yourself, and hard to believe in the decisions you make.

With this being said, THERE IS HOPE!! I have seen over and over again three very relevant things. First, most people who grew up with Childhood Emotional Neglect have not these areas coherent. Second, most of those people continue the neglect by emotionally neglecting themselves. And third, if you don’t see and nurture yourself emotionally, you are very vulnerable to low self-confidence, esteem, worth, and knowledge. I can see it in my own children. Even when my daughter was about three years old. Whenever she was hunger or sad, she came running to me (because the mother is the Nurturer) BUT when she would put on her princess dress and crown on her head, she would go straight to her father and ask: “Do I look pretty?” The father is the one that helps for a healthy Self-image. For me, that question, was never answered. Growing up without a father, I was looking for the answer from everyone and everthing else, while the answer as already inside of me.

The Answer

Yes, believe it or not, there is one! Now that you are aware of what might be wrong and where the root are, you are on the path to healing it. By learning to treat your feelings and yourself differently you can change how you feel about yourself in very profound ways.

I have an exciting 12 week journey, that is designed just for you. With this journey, I help you to align who you are, how you see yourself, how others see you and how you want to be seen.

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