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Boot is the footwear that covers our whole foot and our lower leg.  There are different styles, for example

VICTORIAN:  A Victorian fashion style boot with lace or button-up detail

Jimmy Choo

ANKEL BOOTS: A boot style that ends just above the ankle bone.  For your leg to look as long and slender as possible the opening needs to hug your ankle.

CALF BOOT: boot that ends at your mid calf.  Boots which are loose around the calf have the potential to look like gumboots.  The most flattering boots are tapered at the ankle and fit well through the calf to the top of the boot.

KNEE BOOT: A boot that ends just above or below the knee.

OVER THE KNEE: a very sexy boot that end just above the knee.  If you are young and want to show off your thighs, this is a must-have item.  For the rest of us, let’s keep away from this one.


Boots trends are fun to play around with because they don’t differ too much from year to year. I mean, buy a good black Chelsea boot and you’re pretty much set for years to come. However, the 2020 boot trends will give us all a chance to try out something new. Whether it be a bright pop of color, some metallic glam or letting your pantyhose do the talking.

Let your Style Personality determine the style of boots


A few guidelines when it comes to your body measurements and boots:

  • If you are shorter than 1.6 m – draw the attention to your upper body.  Get boots that blend well in.  If you are taller than 1.6 m, you can play around with interesting colours and details at the boots because you can draw the attention down.
  • For short legs: whenever possible, wear medium to high heels to add a few centimeters to length of leg. Opt for pointy toes. The boots need to have minimal colour difference from your legs.  Try to make the focal point your upper body.
  • Short legs + ankle boots + skinny jean = rolled hemline inwards!!  Yes, I know!! The trend is the have a cuffed hemline. The problem is: any horizontal line cuts. When you have short legs, you don’t want to cut that area unnecessarily. Rather roll the hemline inwards, to have a smooth line with minimal horizontal details.
Check out the difference

  • For LONG LEGS: Draw the eyes down with detailed boots and interesting colours. You can go bold and bright with your boots.  If you have long legs, but you are short (less than 1.6 m) rather  draw the eye to your upper body.  Keep your boots neutral in colour and minimum detail.
  • Having heavy legs and ankles, keep away from adding more weight with your boots.  The more details on the boot, the heavier your legs will appear.
  • If you have broad shoulders, draw attention down with interesting boots


  • Low v shape vamp
  • Thin sole
  • High slender heel
  • Pointed toe
  • Same colour as leg / pantyhose  / pants

With my Style Consultation, you get a My Private Stylist program absolutely free.  In that program you find out all the details regarding, not just your boots, but every neckline, hemline from top to bottoms that suits your body. I look at your vertical body shape, horizontal body shape, bone structure and much more to set up the program just for you



Remember, the Heavier the sole, the more casual the outfit will appear.

Play around with Opposite style dresses, more romantic, feminine frilly dress


Cropped jeans

Maxi dress with or without socks


Presenting the classic way to style the bootcut: Have your jacket fall right below the top of your jeans, elongating your stature. Pair them with ankle boots and a mini purse for a modern turn on early-2000s vibes.


Matching your shoes and handbag perfectly to each other is an old-school concept. It works, it looks great, and it can take the guesswork out of styling, but it’s just not a necessary guideline to follow. Especially since there are plenty of less-expected ways to cleverly piece together an outfit. If you’re ready for a new approach, too, pay attention to the looks ahead. Each of them features creative ways to make bags and shoes feel cohesive in an overall ensemble without following any hard-and-fast rules


Or any garment or accessory, is to have a deeper meaning connected to it.  For example, I love wearing leather boots. That reminds me to be a person of Quality!!  With my “style my season” package, I can help you implement deeper meanings into your wardrobe.

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