How to pull of Corduroy this winter

This texture can look both dressy and casual. However, it’s quite difficult to wear it, as you can end up with an outdated look.

Originally this material was worn by noblemen and kings. Well, today’s designer brands offer us corduroy modern garments that look trendy and you can ideally combine them with casual clothing. Choose corduroy clothes with small ribs if you want to look modern.

Those of you who want to achieve bohemian and free-spirited looks, then I recommend to try on corduroy staples in wide cords. I recommend to try on boot-cut corduroy pants in cream-beige that will surely make you look vintage-inspired. Try them on with a cable knit sweater and tribal print coat.

If you want to look modern, then try on the same boot-cut bottoms in bright orange color and style them with a plaid print shirt. If you want to get rid of a retro look, then you better avoid boot-cut style pants and choose skinny or regular style corduroy bottoms.

Another great corduroy garment you can try is a skirt. This beautiful clothing staple can be styled with classic tops, like button-down shirts, crop tops, striped tops, etc.

Personally, I like creating more classic style looks, by teaming corduroy skirts with classic shirts and blouses. Well, if you are more into wild side, then how about wearing corduroy dresses? They look chic and sophisticated. Choose solid color frocks that are easy to style and wear. If you think your dress looks too much basic, then how about adding chic and bright accessories and jewelry on.

If you are more into dressy looks, then I recommend to try on corduroy jackets, blazers, and coats in classic shades of burgundy, blue, black, brown or red. If you want to keep things casual, yet fun and bright, then how about wearing corduroy head-to-toe, like overalls. They look both fun and sophisticated.

What are your thoughts on Corduroy?

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